how to make barbie doll shoes

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  • How do you make doll shoe patterns?

  • To make the basic pattern for the toe cap of your doll shoe, take a semicircle of paper and hold it against the top of the doll’s foot, as much as possible in line with the front of the leg. Crease the paper around the edge of the sole of the doll’s foot. Use a pencil to mark the bottom edge of the doll’s foot on the paper.

  • Can I make my own Barbie doll shoes?

  • Creating doll shoes is a project for the beginner crafter, or the seasoned professional. If you really enjoy the process, you might even be able to sell your one-of-a-kind Barbie-doll shoes on an auction site. Look at designer shoes. Barbie lives in a dream world.

  • Can You Make your own shoes for doll feet?

  • Use these steps to make a custom pattern to fit any size or type of doll. Once you have the basic pattern made, you can adapt it to design various other boots and shoes for your doll’s feet. Another easy to make doll shoe project is flip-flops or beach sandals and chukka boots.

  • Are Barbie shoes safe for kids?

  • Your own real-life shoes might need to be practical and comfortable, but Barbie’s don’t have to be. Keep safety in mind. Barbie dolls are recommended for kids five years and older. If a young child will be playing with these shoes, you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t a choking hazard.

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