how to make a new hole in a shoe strap

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Unbuckle each strap by taking the pin out of the adjustment hole.Place your foot on the bed of the shoe and pull the strap until it is comfortably snug. If you have pulled the strap past the last adjustment hole, you will need to make a new hole. Mark the spot where the new hole should be (based on where you pulled it) with a pencil.

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  • How to fix a hole in a pair of shoes?

  • Good fabrics to use include tartan, leather, and suede. You can also purchase fabric that contrasts with the current color of your shoes for a unique fashion statement. Cut out a piece of fabric large enough to cover the hole.

  • How do I punch a hole in a watch strap?

  • Unless you’ve got experience already, it’s advisable to practice punching a few holes on some scrap material (should you have some laying around) that’s similar to that of your watch strap. Use something like a ruler and pencil to mark the exact spot you want to punch, measuring the distances of existing holes and lining up your hole with them.

  • How do you fix a fuzzy strap on a pair of shoes?

  • On most shoes it鈥檚 the part on the strap which means that it can be easily replaced. If the loop section has gotten really fuzzy, cut away any bulk fluff (not shown but I did do that). The hook section tends to collect lots of fibers, pick them out with some tweezers to allow for better grip. Cut loop tape to size with scissors.

  • How do I add another set of holes to my belt?

  • This belt needs one more set of holes to fit my waist. To make sure the new holes look uniform, measure the distance between the existing holes. Measure and mark this distance where you want to add the new holes.

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