how to know if you need a stability running shoe

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You can determine whether or not you need stability running shoes by taking the鈥渨et test鈥?/strong>at your local shoe store. If you find that your feet roll too far inward while you run, you may benefit from stability running shoes. Stability running shoes are designed for runners of any skill level.

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  • Do you need stability shoes for running?

  • Some telltale signs of needing stability shoes include an excessive wear pattern on the inside (or medial) edge of the bottom of your current running shoes. If that side is considerably more worn than the outside (or lateral) edge, it鈥檚 probably a sign that you鈥檙e overpronating and need stability shoes.

  • How do I choose the right shoes for running?

  • As for comfort, it should go without saying that a shoe should be comfortable. I would try on both well padded neutral shoes and stability shoes and try walking and running around the store in them. Try to go to shoe stores with a variety of models and brands, and try to go to a store with a treadmill or that offers exchanges after a trial period.

  • What makes a shoe a stability shoe?

  • For years we knew a shoe was a stability shoe if it had an insert of harder foam (dual density post) in the medial side. Now other companies are using different approaches to stability. Do they work?

  • What is the difference between neutral running shoes and stability running shoes?

  • According to Asics, one of the leading shoe manufacturers, neutral running shoes are lighter and faster than stability running shoes because they are not equipped with extra material and a thicker foam that adds weight to the shoe. Plus, they generally have a more curved design making it faster and more efficient.

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