how to keep climbing shoes from smelling

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How to Stop Climbing Shoes from SmellingMethod 1 of 3: Preventing Odours. Wash your feet before you go climbing to get rid of dead skin cells. …Method 2 of 3: Airing Out and Deodorizing. Clip your shoes on the outside of your bag instead of putting them inside. …Method 3 of 3: Deep Cleaning Your Shoes. Soak your shoes in soapy water when they get really smelly. …

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  • How do you get rid of climbing shoe odor?

  • Fortunately, you can take a preventative approach to help minimize climbing shoe odor from overtaking your nostrils. Wash your feet Wash your feet really well immediately before putting them into your climbing shoes. Use soap and really scrub them. Tea Tree Oil also works really well to kill foot bacteria.

  • Do climbing shoes have an odor?

  • It is also worth remembering that some types of climbing shoes will retain odor more than others. Because of it amazing natural properties, leather climbing shoes are considerably more breathable than synthetic climbing shoes, and therefore, are better at regulating foot temperature and odor than their vegan-friendly counterparts.

  • How do you clean your feet after climbing?

  • Remove your shoes in between climbing when you can to allow you feet and the shoes to air out. Try using a pumice or cleansing scrub (natural stuff like ground peach stones, not micro-plastic balls that are terrible for our water source) for your feet to remove dead skin and leave your feet feeling tingly fresh. This is the most important part!

  • How do I wash my climbing shoes?

  • It is safest to wash your climbing shoes by hand. Fill a bucket or your bathtub, and use soap or a detergent made specially for removing orders such as Revivex Odor Eliminator. Don鈥檛 put your shoes in a hot dryer as this could damage the rubber or shape of your shoes. Let them air dry although this could take a couple days to fully dry.

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