how to hydrodip shoes

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How to Hydro Dip ShoesShoe Cleanse. Take the laces out of your shoes and clean them and the shoes with soap and water. …Tape. Use your painter’s tape or duck tape to cover all the parts of the shoe you do not want to get covered in paint.Water Bin. Fill your bin up with water,but not all the way to the top.Spray Paint. …Hydro Dip. …Final Product

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  • How to Hydro dip shoes?

  • To hydro dip shoes is the same process to dip anything else. Clean really good ,scuff them up and dip into a hydrographic film. Then I put scotch guard @akadonut the image distortion depends on how much you stretch your film. It all comes down to your technique.

  • What materials do you need to Hydro dip?

  • What materials do you need to Hydro dip? 1 Water 2 Spray Paint in the Color of your Choice 3 Painter鈥檚 Tape 4 Top Coat 5 Shoes 鈥?We used white canvas shoes and white faux leather shoes and both worked great! More …

  • Can You hydro dip Adidas ultra boosts?

  • I used Adidas Ultra Boosts and the paint didn’t stick well, so if you are looking to hydro dip this type of shoe I do not suggest it. If you are looking to hydro dip a shoe with a texture like Vans or Air Force 1’s this will be relatively easy. shoes you want to dip (white shoes will have the least interference with the colors you choose)

  • What is hydro dipping and how does it work?

  • Hydro dipping is the process of water transfer printing. It is simply using paint and water immersion to produce a cool water marbling technique on items. It sounds fancy but it actually very simple. What can you hydro dip? The possibilities are really endless.

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