how to get pee smell out of shoes

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Put somebaking soda or cornstarchinside the shoes, this method helps the moisture and cat-pee odor to get absorbed. Dont forget to keep the baking soda or cornstarch in the shoes overnight. You can even mix baking soda and corn starch and use that combination.

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  • How do you get dog urine smell out of shoes?

  • It’s either baking soda or bicarb supposedly absorbs odours. I would machine wash them as I think that makes shoes smelly anyway We’re potty training as well at the moment (fun, isn’t it?) and we have puppy urine off spray – it breaks down the urine so it doesn’t smell.

  • How to get rid of the smell of dirty shoes?

  • Even the vinegar is particularly effective against the stench of shoes: wet a cloth with white vinegar and rub it inside the shoes: in case of persistent bad smell, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and alcohol in equal parts. Vinegar will help to eliminate even difficult dirt from shoes.

  • How do you get urine smell out of trainers?

  • Only in one shoe though lol I would not put them in machine. Get antibacterial wipes, wipe inside and outside and then put them outside for the day. Clarks sell shoes designed to go the washing machine. Each of my dc has a machine washable pair of trainers from there. Zoflora will get rid of urine smells.

  • How to clean shoes with baking soda?

  • Shake vigorously to get the baking soda all over the shoes. Leave the shoes in the bag for the next 5 days. Longer than this is fine too. Remove the shoes outside or somewhere that you can shake them, like the bathroom. Shake the baking soda off the shoes completely. Place the shoes in the sunshine for a day.

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