how to get pee smell out of shoes

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Another option for getting that nasty urine smell out of your shoes isdish soap. All you need is some dish soap, some water, and a gentle brush. Not only will this help with odor, but it can also help with stain removal and overall cleanliness.

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  • How do I get urine smell out of leather shoes?

  • Zoflora will get rid of urine smells. Use as directed on the bottle. It may say don’t use on leather but I have sprayed it on and wiped off before without any visible damage. It’s either baking soda or bicarb supposedly absorbs odours. I would machine wash them as I think that makes shoes smelly anyway

  • How to clean Stinky shoes without washing them?

  • To eliminate the stench from shoes without washing them, you can use baking soda: sprinkle the inside of the shoe with two tablespoons of baking soda and leave it to act overnight.

  • How do you get urine smell out of trainers?

  • Only in one shoe though lol I would not put them in machine. Get antibacterial wipes, wipe inside and outside and then put them outside for the day. Clarks sell shoes designed to go the washing machine. Each of my dc has a machine washable pair of trainers from there. Zoflora will get rid of urine smells.

  • How do you get the smell out of your feet?

  • If your feet start to sweat during the day, reapply the baby powder to keep your feet dry. You may be able to wash your shoes to get rid of the smell. If you are cleaning canvas shoes or other washable footwear, you can eliminate odors by throwing them in the washing machine.

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