how to get cat pee smell out of shoes

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How to remove cat urine on your shoesWash the shoes. The first thing you need to do is give your shoes a good rinse. …Let it dry. After washing your shoes,place them upside down to let the water drip. …Use borax to remove the urine odor. If your shoes still have a urine smell after washing and drying,borax is the next solution. …Aerate the shoes. …

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  • How to clean cat urine out of leather shoes?

  • There are several ways to clean cat urine from leather shoes, including using cat urine enzyme cleaner, baking soda, or vinegar. Once you remove the odor, you will be able to enjoy wearing your leather shoes again. However, avoid the temptation of placing soiled leather shoes in the washing machine.

  • How do you get dog urine smell out of shoes?

  • I suggest adding a small amount of white vinegar or enzyme cleaner to get rid of the remaining urine. However, if your shoes are made of leather, you should never give them a full wash.

  • How to get rid of cat urine smell in house?

  • Vinegar is a natural enzymatic cleaner that can also be used to remove the smell of a cat peeing on shoes or other items. Either way, an odorless home is best accomplished by tackling the urine stain immediately.

  • Why do my shoes smell like cat Pee?

  • Shoes can really smell like cat pee when the soles are rotting down. Also, trapped moisture can harbor all kinds of bacteria that can produce a bad odor similar to feline urine. Your moist feet will also aggravate the problem. Worse, the cat pee smell won鈥檛 just stick to your shoes but also your feet.

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