how to get any shoe for retail

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  • What should you consider when buying shoes for retail work?

  • You may also want to consider the flexibility of the shoe as a retail worker. Realistically, being on your feet all day and potentially having to work quickly will mean you need a shoe that is going to be flexible for optimal comfort and ease.

  • Should you sell shoes online?

  • There is one great reason to sell shoes online: There鈥檚 money in it. Don鈥檛 believe me? Consider the case of Beth Marbach, who made $4 million when she switched from selling books to selling shoes. Or how about Benjamin Kapelushnik, a 16-year-old who makes a killing selling sneakers.

  • What’s the best way to buy shoes?

  • Wholesale buying can be a really cheap way to get shoes (good profit margin potential). You buy and store the inventory, so… You control how it鈥檚 packaged or sent.

  • Where do resellers get their sneakers?

  • I have learned that the most common places resellers get their sneakers are through the online and physical retail stores. It sounds simple but that it is far from it. This is especially true with hype sneakers that may only sell online at certain websites.

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