how to clean leather ballet shoes

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Method 1 of 3: Cleaning Leather Ballet SlippersSpot clean with a damp clot …Rub a drop of regular laund …Mix detergent or dish soap …Use a window cleaning produ …Put on the shoes after clea …Avoid using much water whil …

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  • How do I clean the leather of my Shoes?

  • If a spot clean isn鈥檛 enough, you can hand wash them with mild detergent. Mix the detergent in a cup/bowl with warm water and use a sponge or soft cloth to wash the surface of the shoe, so not soak the show in water. Try not to do this too often as it can damage the leather.

  • How to clean leather ballet slippers?

  • Leather ballet slippers can easily be spot cleaned. Sometimes just a soft, damp cloth will do. For a deeper cleaning, use a mild detergent or dish soap.

  • How to clean ballet shoes with baking soda?

  • Sprinkle a little baking soda inside the ballet shoes to freshen them after they鈥檝e dried completely. Let them set for 24 hours; then shake the excess baking soda out. Fill a basin with cold water. Add mild hand-washing detergent according to the manufacturer鈥檚 instructions. Immerse the canvas ballet shoes in the cold soapy water.

  • How do you wash Ballet Shoes in washing machine?

  • Set the washing machine on the delicate cycle and fill it with cold water. Never use hot water on these shoes. Place the ballet shoes into a lingerie bag if your washer doesn鈥檛 have a delicate or gentle cycle. Add mild hand-washing detergent to the water in the washer. Launder the canvas ballet shoes gently.

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