how to clean hoka tennis shoes

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The best way to clean Hoka shoes, is tohand wash them with warm water, soap, and a sponge. After washing let your Hoka鈥檚 air dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or source of excessive heat such as radiator. Can you wash Hoka One One shoes in the washing machine?

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  • How to clean Hoka sneakers?

  • After wiping all loose mud, dirt, and debris from the shoe, remove the laces, insoles, and liners, throw them in the washer, then scrub your shoes. Cleaning off Hoka sneakers is a lot easier than cleaning many other pairs of high-quality shoes.

  • What are the cleaning and care guidelines for Hoka products?

  • General cleaning and care guidelines for HOKA footwear are to hand wash with cold water using a mild soap or detergent, and allow them to dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight. Cleaning and care instructions for HOKA apparel vary from product to product, with proper care outlined on the tag for each piece of clothing.

  • How do I clean the inside of my Shoes?

  • Wash the shoe thoroughly with warm water, soap (optional), and a sponge. I also use a soft brush for the sole. An effective way to wash the fabric thoroughly is to rub your hands against each other while holding the fabric with one hand from the inside and the other from the outside under the running water until the water is clear.

  • Can you put Hoka shoes in the dryer?

  • The safest way to dry a pair of Hoka shoes is by keeping them out for a few hours indoors, allowing them to dry on their own. A clothes dryer or blow dryer can soften and warp the materials. You can also stuff newspaper balls inside the shoes to aid in faster drying. Can you Machine Wash Your Hoka Shoes?

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