how to clean grey suede shoes

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Use asuede brushto scrub the stain as you would for a scuff. Then use a nail brush to scrub stubborn stains with warm water. Grease stains can be particularly difficult to remove from suede, and badly stained shoes may never look good again.

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  • How do you clean Suede Shoes with stains?

  • The way to clean a suede coat or shoes with a stain is to pour a small amount of vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe the stained area gently, ensuring you cover the entire stain. Let the vinegar dry before rubbing a suede brush on the stain.

  • How to clean dirt and scuff marks from Suede?

  • Method 1 of 4: Cleaning Dirt and Scuff Marks 1 Get a suede brush and make sure your shoes are dry. … 2 Brush gently to remove dirt. Use the suede cleaning brush to lightly brush away dust or dirt that has accumulated on your shoes. 3 Brush vigorously to remove scuff marks. … 4 Use an eraser for stubborn marks. … 5 Protect your suede. …

  • Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean Suede?

  • Rubbing alcohol is particularly good for cleaning suede shoes and boots that have traditionally stubborn stains like ink or paint. Removing tough stains like these may take more work and patience, but when you follow the instructions above, you can get even the dirtiest suede clean again.

  • How do you protect Suede from stains?

  • Protect your suede. Once they are clean (or when you first get them), spray a coat of suede protector spray on your shoes. This will help prevent further stains and marks. Follow the manufacturer’s directions.

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