how to check if nike shoes are fake

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  • How can you tell if a sneaker is real or fake?

  • Try the shoes on. The soles of most fake Nike sneakers feel plastic-y and don’t have much traction, while real Nike shoes have BRS 1000 rubber soles. Most fake Nike sneakers do not fit true to size. They generally are 1/2 size smaller and significantly narrower than real Nikes.

  • Are fake Nike shoes as good as the real thing?

  • Fake shoes are heavier than real Nike鈥檚 which should feel like nothings in your hand most of the time. That鈥檚 also the reason why the upper is stiff and restricts movements. The outsole (bottom of the shoe) is made of low-grade material and won鈥檛 last as near as close as real Nike鈥檚.

  • Do fake Nike shoes come in a box?

  • Instead, they are shrink-wrapped in clear plastic or don’t come in a box at all. Most of the boxes for fake Nikes are hastily glued together and therefore not as sturdy as true Nike boxes.

  • How do I report fake Nike shoes?

  • Report stores or retailers selling fake Nikes by emailing Nike. This will help others from purchasing fake Nikes in the future. Thanks! Ask Nikes store staff to help you verify that whether a shoe is authentic or not.

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