how to attach spd cleats to shoes

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There are two ways you can attachSPDcleatsto your cycling shoes. The first is to use the screws that come with the cleats. The second is to use cleat covers. There are two ways to attachSPDcleatsto your cycling shoes: using screws or cleat covers.

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  • How do you install SPD cleats?

  • When you鈥檝e chosen the location you want the cleat to be fastened on the bottom of your shoe, lay the two-holed washer over the holes you鈥檝e selected. Use your hex wrench to tighten the screws as tight as you can. Set your torque wrench to 4 to 5 NM and ratchet it until it clicks. Voila! SPDs installed How Do SPD Cleats Work?

  • What is an SPD cleat?

  • An SPD cleat is a clip that attaches cycling shoes to bicycle pedals in a clip-in or clipless pedal setup. 鈥淪PD鈥?stands for 鈥淪himano Pedaling Dynamics,鈥?and the term is usually used to refer to any of Shimano鈥檚 mountain bike pedal systems.

  • Can I use SPD cleats in road cycling shoes?

  • While some mountain biking shoes include a generic SPD cleat in the box, most of the time the cleats come with the pedals. Check out the instructions above for how to install your SPD cleats in road cycling shoes.

  • How to install cleats on cycling shoes?

  • Now that you have your cycling shoes, the cleats and hardware and your tools, you鈥檙e ready to install the cleats. The cleat is the semi-triangular piece with two holes in it. Line it up on the bottom of the shoe so that the rounded end is toward the toe part of the shoe and the blunt, square shape is toward the heel.

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