how often do horses need new shoes

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Every six weeks

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  • How often should you replace your horse’s horseshoes?

  • Horseshoes also need replacing when the horses鈥?heel extends past the shoe, the horse has a hoof injury, or the horseshoe is twisted. Typically your horse needs its shoes replaced between four and eight weeks; six weeks is the average. But as we often say, horses are individuals, and some may need their shoes replaced more or less frequently.

  • When should you put shoes on a horse?

  • Horse’s need shoes when they wear their hoofs faster than they grow. Foot sore horses may show mild lameness, poor performance, or rebellious behavior. Occupation is a big consideration too. A horse that is ridden often will wear feet more quickly than the horse that is simply a pasture ornament.

  • How much does it cost to shoe a horse?

  • This is why most people put shoes on their horse鈥檚 hoofs. How Much Does it Cost to Shoe a Horse? According to the latest Farrier Business Practices survey conducted by American Farriers Journal, the average nationwide price for trimming four hooves and applying four keg shoes is $142.09.

  • Is it time to reset your horse’s shoes?

  • While all of these signs mean it’s time for a reset, it really isn’t a good idea to wait until you notice one of these things. Instead, most indicate that the shoes have been on too long鈥攁lthough nails can loosen and shoes can twist or wear prematurely. Six weeks is a general guideline for good hoof health.

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