how much space should be in your shoes

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  • How much space do your toes need between your shoes?

  • It is acceptable to have about a 1/8 inch between the back of your heel and the shoe. The toes need room to move. Not having enough room for your toes may lead to corns, calluses, neuromas, or deformed toes. What’s Wrong With My Toes? Four Common Problems

  • How to choose the right size of shoes?

  • Buy the shoe size that fits the larger foot. There are different pads and inserts that can take up room in the shoe if it is too big, but you cannot add space to a shoe that is too small. Fitting shoes to the larger foot have a limit. If your feet are more than 1 1/2 sizes different, then get two different sized shoes.

  • How much space should there be between heels and socks?

  • It is okay to have about an eighth of an inch between the back of your heel and the shoe. Always try on shoes while wearing your usual socks. Make sure to leave half an inch of space at the toe and an eighth of an inch at the heel.

  • How much toe room do you need for smart casual shoes?

  • For finding the required toe room in the best smart casual shoes uses the thumb rule. It states that there should be at least about 鈪?to inch gap between the big front toe and the end of the shoe. It is approximately the width of your thumb.

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