how many shoes does p.j. tucker have

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5,000 pairs

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  • How many sneakers does PJ Tucker have?

  • Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker brought over 100 pairs of sneakers to the NBA bubble and has unveiled a loft dedicated to his growing shoe collection. When it comes to sneakers, you won鈥檛 find anyone more calculated than P.J. Tucker.

  • How many pairs of Shoes does Chris Tucker have?

  • Ever since then, Tucker has been buying shoes after shoes. His collection is big enough to have its own room. He is known throughout the NBA as someone who has a lot of shoes. According to, Tucker brought 91 pairs of shoes to Orlando for the NBA restart, and his collection has grown since he鈥檚 been there.

  • How many sneaker pairs does Tucker Carlson own?

  • Tucker recently partnered with eBay to unveil his sneaker loft that is dedicated to his extensive sneaker collection, which is approaching 5,000 pairs. It was a relationship 15 years in the making, as Tucker used the site to shop and find some of his favorite sneaker grails.

  • Where is PJ Tucker now?

  • P.J. Tucker is currently in his ninth NBA season with the Houston Rockets. He joined the Rockets in 2017 and has become one of the team鈥檚 top players. Tucker became a full-time starter during his second season with the Rockets.

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