how many inches is a size 8 women’s shoe

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3 9/16 inches wide

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  • How to find your women鈥檚 shoe size?

  • How to find your women鈥檚 US, European (EU), United Kingdom (UK), and Chinese (CN) shoe size? Use a fabric measuring tape to measure your foot from your heel to your longest toe. Use our size chart below to find your shoe size. the closest half size).

  • What is the difference between a men’s and women’s shoe size?

  • In most cases, female shoe sizes are 1.5 sizes larger than men. For example, a size 6 men’s, is a size 7.5 women’s. In some uncommon charts, the size is one size bigger. All centimeter (CM) values are rounded up to the nearest tenth.

  • How do you convert US shoe sizes to inches?

  • Ms Klein has a US Shoe Size 7.5 and would like to use this size to calculate her foot length in inches. To do this, the ISO formula for calculating the US shoe size for women is converted accordingly. One US size is equal to one-third of an inch (0.847 cm).

  • What is the size of a standard Womens size?

  • Womens Sizes – Inches Conversions Decimal Ruler Centimeter Size 5 8.94 inches 9鈥? 22.7 cm Size 5 9.13 inches 9 鈪涒€? 23.2 cm Size 6 9.29 inches 9 鈥? 23.6 cm 13 more rows …

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