how many inches is a size 23 men’s shoe

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  • How many inches are men’s shoe sizes?

  • Men’s Shoe Size Chart: Inches CM US EU UK 9 1/8 (9.125) 23.2 4 36 3.5 9 1/4 (9.25) 23.5 4.5 36.5 4 9 3/8 (9.375) 23.8 5 37.5 4.5 9 1/2 (9.5) 24.1 5.5 38 5 17 more rows …

  • How to measure your shoe size?

  • Grab a fabric measuring tape to measure your foot from your heel to your longest toe. Refer to Macy鈥檚 chart below to find your shoe size. Find the closest measurement in inches that鈥檚 equal to your foot (round up to the closest half size). * Please note: All measurements are approximate and vary by brand and style. How to Measure Men鈥檚 Shoe Size?

  • What do the numbers on a shoe size chart mean?

  • Now that you have your measurements, you can easily determine where you fall on the U.S. men’s shoe size and width chart below: You’ll notice certain letters determine widths, like B for narrow and E for wide. B, N, and C denote 鈥?narrow widths; D, M and R denote medium and standard widths; and 2E, E and W denote wide widths .

  • How do I convert shoe sizes to international sizes?

  • It is not only for babies that shoe sizes are determined (based on foot length in inches), but children’s and adults’ shoe sizes can also be converted to all international shoe sizes (based on foot length in inches) using the Shoe Size Converter. In the Shoe Size Converter, simply select Foot length in inches.

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