how long is a women’s size 9 shoe

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  • What size are women鈥檚 shoe sizes?

  • Women鈥檚 shoe sizes in the EU standard is labeled starting with a size 32 which measures 7 鈪?inches and is a US size 2. It goes up to EU size 46, translating to an 11 inches foot length and a US size 13.5.

  • How to read the men鈥檚 to women’s shoe sizing chart?

  • How to Read the Men鈥檚 to Women鈥檚 Shoe Sizing Chart Length Conversion. In the US, in terms of length, women鈥檚 shoe sizes are about 1.5 sizes larger than men鈥檚. So, a women鈥檚 size 8.5 would roughly be a men鈥檚 size 7. With the help of our shoe size chart, you can easily convert any women鈥檚 shoe size into its corresponding men鈥檚 size.

  • What is a men鈥檚 size 8 in shoes?

  • A men鈥檚 size 8 would be a women鈥檚 size 9.5. There鈥檚 generally a 1.5 point difference. Why Are Women鈥檚 Shoe Sizes Different Than Men鈥檚? Women鈥檚 shoe sizes are different than men鈥檚 because they have different physiologies. Adult males are typically larger than their female counterparts and thus have bigger feet.

  • What is a mens size 7 in women鈥檚 shoes?

  • A women鈥檚 size 10.5 would be a men鈥檚 size 9, while a men鈥檚 size 7 would be a women鈥檚 8.5. What Is a Men鈥檚 Size 8 in Women鈥檚?

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