how do you stretch out shoes

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When you’re not wearing them, you can stretch out shoes bystuffing them with balls of newspaper or socks. This will help your shoes to adjust to the shape of the papers and socks and applies pressure without heat. The longer you leave them, the more your shoe will stretch.

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  • How do you stretch a pair of shoes with a bag?

  • Place the water-filled bag in your shoe. Push the bag into the toe area of your shoe. The bag should fit snugly into the shoe and fill the volume that you wish to be stretched. Ensure the seal is tight and no water is leaking.

  • How do you stretch out shoes with a blow dryer?

  • Wiggle your toes and bend your feet to help stretch them out. Make sure you keep the blow dryer constantly moving so you don鈥檛 damage your shoes. You can also stretch out your shoes by filling 2 sealable plastic bags part of the way with water and putting one in each shoe.

  • Can you stretch out sneakers?

  • There are a few ways you can stretch out sneakers so they fit your feet comfortably. If you鈥檙e in a rush, you can freeze water inside the shoes or stretch them with heat. Or, simply wear them around your home for a few days, use special shoe-stretching inserts, or take the shoes to a cobbler for a professional fix.

  • Can you freeze shoes to stretch them out?

  • To stretch your shoes with the freezing method, fill two plastic bags about 3/4 of the way with water. Seal them tight and put one bag in each shoe, pushing them towards the front of the shoe into the toe area. Clear off some space on your freezer shelf and put your shoes inside.

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