how do you sell shoes on stockx

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To sell,click on the red button next to the currency selection labeled Sell. The next window will explain the process to you. First, you create an offer with a selling price for which you want to sell, for example, the sneaker. Then, you send the sneaker or whatever youre selling within 2 days to StockX.

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  • Can you sell used shoes on StockX?

  • StockX only allows the sale of new or deadstock items, which means products must be sold in their original boxes and be in impeccable condition. If you are in the market to sell used shoes, you will need to check out other platforms.

  • What is the shipping process for selling shoes on StockX?

  • And show you what the shipping process looks like as well. When you鈥檝e successfully sold your shoes on StockX, it鈥檚 time to prepare them for shipping. StockX gives you two business days to take the package to the UPS, but you have to pack them first. StockX is pretty specific about how they accept the shoes from sellers.

  • How do people make 7-figure money selling sneakers on StockX?

  • Sometimes people are selling sneakers on StockX for under retail value, but the priciest purchases come from the sale of limited edition or hard-to-find kicks. Simms uses three different sourcing methods to reach his 7-figure seller status.

  • How to sell collectibles on StockX?

  • It’s simple to sell collectibles like sneakers, handbags, and watches on StockX. As a seller, you must first create an account and then post your listings. A reseller can post items with a fixed price or set them up for bidding. A user can either buy now or place a bid.

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