how do sneaker resellers get so many shoes

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Buying shoes locally

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  • How do resellers get their sneakers?

  • The most common way resellers get their sneakers is on release day on the brand鈥檚 website along with exclusive retailers. Depending on the stock of the sneaker, it could be only 2 or 3 sites or sometimes up to 20 sites. That means you will need to have a lot of browsers open to trying to cop these sneakers in a small window of opportunity.

  • Are there bots for resale sneakers?

  • This method of copping sneakers for resale has virtually no competition with bots. However, many resellers are able to spoof their locations to join raffles that are outside of their area.

  • Where can I buy sneakers online?

  • Online Raffles are another way resellers get their sneakers. There are a few sneaker retailers that raffle off sneakers like Extra Butter and Renarts. Again you can use sites like Solelinks and Sneaker News to find links to these websites. But cook groups will be able to provide you with many more links to raffles.

  • What is backdooring in sneaker industry?

  • Backdooring is when resellers get early access sneakers through a connection that they may have through the brand or a retailer. Now I believe that this is a violation between some sneaker brands and stores but it is something that still happens. These stores know that resellers can move sneakers quickly.

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