how do i stretch leather shoes

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Breaking in Leather Shoes. If your new leather shoes are just a bit too small,sometimes breaking them in slowly by fitting shoes to your feet size does the trick.Use a Pair of Socks to Stretch Leather Shoes. If your leather shoes are still too tight after you try breaking them in,try rolled-up socks for a gentle stretch.Simple Ways to Stretch Leather Shoes. Sometimes,leather needs a little help stretching to a comfortable size for your feet. …Stretching Out Leather Shoes with Heat. Heat works wonders when you need to stretch leather shoes wider to fit your feet perfectly. This method stretches shoes up to a half-size.Using Steam to Stretch Shoes. Use steam to stretch tight shoes and leather booties in only a few minutes. Garment steamers work wonders at making leather supple enough to stretch.

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  • How do you stretch out leather boots?

  • You can find one to just stretch the width of your boots, or one that stretches both width and length of the shoe. Start by placing the boot stretcher snugly inside the boot and begin rotating the screw to expand the stretching mechanism. Once you have achieved a snug stretch in the shoe, leave your boot stretchers in for at least 6-8 hours.

  • How to stretch leather sandals?

  • 1 Heat the leather with a hair dryer to make the leather more supple. Put on several layers of socks to protect your feet. 2 Use a spoon to soften the leather straps and heels. Rub the curved edge of the spoon along the inside of the straps on your sandals. 3 Purchase a shoe stretcher to stretch the sandals easily. … More items…

  • How do you stretch out shoes with a hair dryer?

  • Heat the plastic with a blow dryer to shape the shoe to your foot. Put on your shoes, plug in a hair dryer, and turn it to the highest setting. Hold the hair dryer 6鈥?2 in (15鈥?0 cm) away from the fabric of your shoe and turn it on. Move the dryer around your shoe, concentrating on particularly tight areas.

  • How to stretch leather shoes that have ice on them?

  • Take your shoes out of the freezer after the water has completely turned to ice. The ice should have helped stretch out the leather, so now you can wait for the ice to melt. Once the ice has turned back to water, remove the water and plastic bags from your shoes.

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