don 1 shoe

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  • What size do Don’s shoes come in?

  • The result of this combination of production techniques is both distinct and palpable, and, as Don’s shoes ranges from size 4 to 15 including every half size in between, they certainly have the perfect size for everyone. In terms of styling, the website carries many different takes on elegant, business oriented footwear.

  • Is the Don issue 1 worth it?

  • The DON Issue 1 was no exception as it is rocking a full-length textile mesh upper. Except, like any other sneaker in this price range, the upper not only feels nice offers great performance once you start playing in a shoe, but it also does feel really premium in-hand as well.

  • What makes Don’s footwear unique?

  • Cuban Heel Boots Cuban heel boots brought back to the fashion scene with a modern and classy touch. What Makes Don’s Footwear Unique? All Don’s shoes are traditionally hand-made, this investment of time and care in the construction of each pair is apparent as soon as you slip into them.

  • What is Donovan Mitchell鈥檚 first signature shoe?

  • On December 27, 2018, Adidas Basketball released a preview of the first signature shoe for NBA stand-out Donovan Mitchell, the 鈥淒.O.N. Issue #1.鈥?/div>Donovan Mitchell Signature Shoe – DON ISSUE #1 鈥?MY WAY 45

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