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  • What is Donovan Mitchell鈥檚 first signature shoe?

  • On December 27, 2018, Adidas Basketball released a preview of the first signature shoe for NBA stand-out Donovan Mitchell, the 鈥淒.O.N. Issue #1.鈥?/div>Donovan Mitchell Signature Shoe – DON ISSUE #1 鈥?MY WAY 45

  • Is the Don issue 1 worth it?

  • The DON Issue 1 was no exception as it is rocking a full-length textile mesh upper. Except, like any other sneaker in this price range, the upper not only feels nice offers great performance once you start playing in a shoe, but it also does feel really premium in-hand as well.

  • Is the Adidas Don issue 1 worth $100?

  • The adidas DON Issue 1 performance review is here. Let鈥檚 get it! BD RATING: 8.5/10 So for $100 (yes, it turns out a signature sneaker can be produced at a lower cost even than the Dame 5), you wouldn鈥檛 expect to receive some premium stuff, like knit or some type of leather.

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