do rothy shoes stretch

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Don鈥檛 stretch

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  • How do Rothy鈥檚 shoes fit?

  • Due to the unique knit construction of Rothy鈥檚 shoes, the fit of each style may differ slightly. Here are some tips to keep in mind while looking for your next pair. As this classic style features a narrow toe box, most customers go up half a size for narrow feet, and a full size for wider feet.

  • Do Rothy鈥檚 stretch?

  • If you order a pair of Rothy鈥檚 and they feel a little bit too snug, you can confidently exchange them for a bigger size without factoring in the possibility of them stretching. The Rothy鈥檚 website clearly states that: 鈥淩othy鈥檚 do not stretch. They will fit the same from day 1 to day 365. There is no break-in period.鈥?/div>An Honest Rothy’s Review: Everything You Want to Know

  • Are Rothy鈥檚 shoes worth the cost?

  • Probably the biggest hindrance to Rothy鈥檚 is the cost of their shoes. They鈥檙e not quite designer shoes but they come at a somewhat hefty price tag of $125-$165. This might seem like a lot for a pair of flats, but, as I say in all of my shoe reviews, I always look at a quick cost-benefit analysis.

  • Are Rothy鈥檚 flats good for wide feet?

  • I鈥檒l be honest, Rothy鈥檚 flats aren鈥檛 the best for wide feet. They have a very narrow insole and the edges of your feet will likely hang over the sides a bit if you have wide feet. You can try ordering a half size up to see how that fits, otherwise, The Sneaker style would be the best for wide feet.

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