do adidas shoes run big

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  • Do Adidas shoes run bigger in sizes?

  • The majority of Adidas shoes run true to size. You鈥檒l have to take into account wider feet for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0. Cloudfoam shoes can run bigger in women鈥檚 sizes, but you shouldn鈥檛 necessarily order a smaller size to start.

  • Are Adidas UltraBoost shoes true to size?

  • The Adidas Ultraboost line consists of lightweight, cushioned shoes designed for runners. Adidas cautions that runners with wide feet should go half a size up for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0. For example, if you鈥檙e a 9 usually you should try your Ultraboost in 9.5. The newest version, Ultraboost 3.0, should be true to size for all wearers.

  • How do I size up for Adidas?

  • The surest way to size yourself for either brand is by using the corresponding size chart. Having said that, the value in inches which Adidas converts into US sizes are about 5 millimeters larger than what Nike uses. Our article here goes into the Nike vs. Adidas sizing issue in more depth.

  • How do I know if my child鈥檚 adidas shoes fit?

  • If you鈥檝e bought a pair of Adidas shoes for your infant or child up to 7 years old, they鈥檒l come with an adiFIT insole. The insert will show you whether or not the size you picked is a good fit. To use it, follow these instructions: Remove the adiFIT insole and place it on flat ground. Position your child鈥檚 foot on the insole.

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