could you help me find my running shoes

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  • Should you change shoes when you run?

  • You need to experiment to find what works, and as your fitness and running characteristics change, your shoes can and should change as well. 4. Monogamy is a virtue. When it comes to relationships, monogamy keeps you out of trouble. When it comes to shoes, monogamy can hurt you.

  • What do you want from your running shoes?

  • You know what you want from your running shoes: light weight, cushioning, support, and a comfortable fit. Of course, the most important part of any shoe is your experience over the hundreds of miles you鈥檒l take it on.

  • Should runners wear the same shoes every day?

  • Once they鈥檝e experimented with several models, many runners find one shoe they like and state their lifelong loyalty. They then run in the same shoe every day, replace them with the same model and even stockpile them for the coming apocalypse of discontinuation. But running in different shoes can make you stronger, faster, and less prone to injury.

  • Can you name the best running shoes every year?

  • It would be nice to be able to name a best shoe every year, give a star rating (4 out of 5), or even put a simple 鈥渢humbs up鈥?or 鈥渢humbs down鈥?on new models. Unfortunately, it isn鈥檛 that simple. Running shoes are designed for different types of people, strides, feet, and types of running.

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