could you help me find my running shoes

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  • How do I choose the right shoes for running?

  • Some people are more comfortable landing on their heels and some prefer landing on their mid or forefoot. If you don鈥檛 know choose ‘heel’. What type of running will you be doing? Shoes for training should make you comfortable over the miles. Shoes for speed might sacrifice some comfort in order to maximise performance. Where are you going to run?

  • What is the purpose of running shoes?

  • One of the main functions of a running shoe is to cushion and absorb part of the impact on the ground, which in turn causes stress on the joints of the ankle, knee and hips. Heavier runners need more cushion and protection than lightweight runners.

  • Why are lightweight running shoes so hard to run in?

  • At the same time, lightweight runners will find a shoe that鈥檚 too cushioned unstable and unresponsive. Each time you run, you submit your body to a force that is 1.5 to 2 times your bodyweight. Your ankle is your body鈥檚 natural shock absorption system 鈥?but not all ankles support your gait equally well.

  • Do heavier runners need more support?

  • Heavier runners can benefit from a little extra protection. What is your weight? Running exerts a stress of 1.5 to 2 times bodyweight for each step. When the body weight is higher, so is the shock on the joints. Heavier runners can benefit from a little extra protection. This helps us understand if you need a shoe with more support.

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