can you use soap and water to clean suede shoes

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  • Can You Wash Suede Shoes?

  • It is okay to wash suede shoes 鈥?as long as you do so in a safe, suede-protecting way. Avoid using water to clean your suede shoes. Instead, use a clean cloth, a suede cleaning brick, and vinegar to make your suede shoes look once again like new.

  • How do I protect my shoes from dirt and water stains?

  • Prevention is key. Before wearing your shoes for the first time, spray suede (real or faux) with a product like Kiwi Suede Protector, to help shield them from dirt and water stains. Make sure to read the instructions before application and test a small, hidden area first to ensure it doesn鈥檛 leave any unwanted marks.

  • Can you clean Suede with vinegar?

  • Do not attempt to spot-clean suede items with water. Instead, clean the whole item with a suede brush, and a small amount of water to prevent discolouration. For tough stains use a specially designed suede cleaner, or try a home remedy of white vinegar or cornflour.

  • How to clean Suede Shoes with Ecco?

  • Then remove the insole, spray inside with ECCO refresh and insert shoe trees or stuff the shoes with newspaper to ensure they keep their shape. Apply the ECCO Foam Cleaner to a damp cloth and rub the suede, making firm circular motions. This is perfect, if your suede shoes require more cleaning, as it works like a shampoo on your skin.

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