can i use training shoes for walking

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For casual walking,you can pretty much use any kind of shoe. So long as the shoe is comfortable and provides adequate support to your heel,any kind of shoe works. Although still,it is a good idea not to prefer training shoes for this if given the choice. For race walking,training shoes are a big no-no.

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  • Can cross training shoes be used for running or walking?

  • What can be said is that cross training shoes are arguably better for walking compared to running, but the difference may not be great enough to choose this type of shoe over a running shoe. Share the post Can Cross Training Shoes Be Used For Running or Walking?

  • Should I get a running or walking shoe?

  • If walking is your primary form of exercise, then just like jogging or running you should get a running shoe. While walking is a different motion compared to running, the cushion points are generally the same and the lightweight shoe is better suited for walking activities.

  • What is the difference between walking shoes and training shoes?

  • Walking shoes are made for walking purpose only. But training shoes are made for multi-purpose. You can walk with your walking shoes but you won鈥檛 be able to perform all your heavy workout with that. Training shoes are more durable than a walking shoe. For all that heavy workouts durability is a must.

  • What are the benefits of training shoes?

  • A pair of training shoe provide proper heel and toe support to the athlete. It is made in such a way, an athlete will not slip while running or changing direction quickly. As it is an all in all shoe, the weight of a training shoe is more than a walking shoe.

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