are hush puppies shoes good

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  • Are hush puppies worth it?

  • Always used Hush Puppies because it is comfortable and sturdy. My 3-year-old leather shoes died due to some scratches so needed to replace it. Bought new shoes called Block Shoe and Boots! Both are very great and comfortable! Could not ask for more!!

  • What are Hush Puppies shoes?

  • What a cool job. Hush Puppies was founded in 1958 and introduced casual shoes to match casual lifestyles. At the time that Hush Puppies got their footing, sore feet were known as barking dogs, so they made shoes that would help hush those puppies.

  • Do you buy pumps from Hush Puppies?

  • I bought a pair of pumps from Hush鈥?I bought a pair of pumps from Hush Puppies. The shoes were not inexpensive, but they felt cheaply made. The heels were not comfortable and the outer soles were thin making walking uncomfortable especially as I have a bit of mobility issues due to foot arthritis.

  • How often do you wear your Hush Puppies?

  • Wore them about six times a year. Recently wore them to find that the sole was cracked and disintegrating. As you can by the pics the sole has very little wear and the leather side is in good condition. After reading other reviews regarding the lack of interest of Hush Puppies customer service, I won’t bother following the complaint up with them.

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